making of


bringing things into existence.

Making means exploring and reviewing on multiple levels. Client and user workshops, focused in-house charrettes are shaping this curious investigation. This deliberately alive design process produces fresh takes on processual challenges that ‘arrive from its own future’.

Supported by digital scripting and rapid prototyping capabilities alongside traditional woodworking, ideas are encouraged to move seamlessly between thought, analogue and digital worlds.

Centerpiece of this lively process becomes the celebrated diversity of people that shapes the dynamics of our project teams. Unique perspectives and backgrounds are welcome to be taken into our explorations of living futures on its way to becoming real.




making of: open - dubai pavilion

making of /  atmosphere, by nature, climate, oasis

Grüne erde front page

making of: gruene erde - new headquarters

making of /  atmosphere, by nature, climate, horizon

Grüne erde graphic

gruene erde - new headquarters - concept

making of / atmosphere, by nature, climate, horizon

yoga retreat center

soami yoga retreat center

making of / atmosphere, performance


the lovelace - a hotel happening

making of / atmosphere, climate, performance

Grüne erde graphic section

gruene erde - new headquarters - coming soon

making of / atmosphere, by nature, climate, horizon

austrian pavilion expo milan 2015

breathe.austria - austrian pavilion expo milan 2015 - concept

making of / projects / atmosphere, by nature, oasis

making of: bel

making of: bel - administrative headquarter, vaduz

making of / atmosphere, structure

bel vaduz

bel - administrative headquarter, vaduz - concept

projects / making of / atmosphere, structure

making of

making of: tower at the mur

making of / structure

breathe aut concert tour to milan

breathe aut concert tour to milan

breathe aut concert tour to milan

breathe aut concert tour to milan

breathe aut concert tour to milan

making of / videos / atmosphere

breathe austria fashion

team fashion by superated

making of / atmosphere


making of: breathe.austria - austrian pavilion expo milan 2015 

making of / atmosphere, climate, oasis, performance, structure

werkbundsiedlung wiesenfeld

werkbundsiedlung wiesenfeld

projects / atmosphere, by nature, climate, islands, oasis, performance, systems

wilhelma model image

the great apes facility at the wilhelma zoo

projects / islands, oasis, structure