gruene erde - new headquarters - concept 

sneak preview - first impressions


Check out our conceptual work for the design for the new headquarters of GRÜNE ERDE GmbH .

Grüne erde grapjic sectional
Grüne erde detail plan
Grüne erde perspective
Grüne erde architectural plan
Grüne erde perspective
Grüne erde graphic temperature

Take a look towards one possible future: It’s petroleum free, socially fair and ecologically sound. GRÜNE ERDE has specialized on designing and producing products that are driven by a most ecological, sustainable thinking and business practice – all that with a close look on socially fair trading and material chains of re-growing resources. Our design aims to act within these given premises — this is about living and connecting to fellow humans and to our environment — to rethink given standards in design, material use, building and energy usage of large structures. How can we think it together?

SITE: Almtal, OÖ, AT
YEAR: 2015 – 2020 phase 1   (phase 2 ongoing)
CLIENT: Grüne Erde GmbH, Scharnstein, AT

Explore Gruene Erde Breathing Headquarters   here
Explore the construction site   here