the great apes facility at wilhelma zoo

The new facility is conceptualized as an artificial forest.

wilhelma model image
wilhelma project graphics
wilhelma model image
wilhelma model detail

Various spatial references, insights, daylight situations and panoramic views. The characteristic enlargement of an apes habitat, covering all three dimensions, is thus perceived by the visitor usable in the game. The circuit is extended and completed by various spacial additions, which contribute to the park-like character of the Wilhelma exterior space. Partly the intervention improves the spacial impression of adjacent areas. The planned connection to the future rhino enclosure incorporates the great apes facility in the great circuit of the zoo. Following this circuit, visitors reach the other enclosures without any additional detours. 

SITE: Bath Cannstatt, Stuttgart, Germany
YEAR: 2006 
CLIENT: Wilhelma Zoo
DESIGN: terrain: loenhart & mayr BDA architects and landscape architects