werkbundsiedlung wiesenfeld 2nd phase

model image werkbundsiedlung
werkbundsiedlung wiesenfeld
werkbundsiedlung wiesenfeld
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Phase Two of Werkbundsiedlung Wiesenfeld design scheme, Munich Germany, a collaboration of terrain: loenhart&mayr + bernd kniess architects and urban design

Based on the „Islandplan“ by Sakamoto a townhouse was designed adapting substantial ideas from the first phase of competition. In this manner each apartment – in analogy to privat homes – is accessible via a generous „Hochgarten“. These loggias are protected by trestles all the way round, which also serve as a „social“ buffer for great numbers of residents. During transitional seasons the winter garden positioned in front of the building acts as climate buffer. Solar gains of a sealed building shell enhance the energy balance. The facade with trellis as growth support made of low-cost semi-finished products is partly covered by greenery implanted in the natural ground. Completed by the individual plantations of residents the facade contributes positively to the microclimate in the neighborhood.

SITE: Munich, Germany 
YEAR: 2006 – 2007

STATUS: 2nd Phase Competition Entry
CLIENT: Werkbund Bayern
DESIGN: terrain: loenhart & mayr BDA Architects and Landscape Architects with Bernd Kniess Architects and Urban Design 
ENERGIETECHNIK: HL Technik Engineering Partners, Prof. Klaus Daniels