passing the landscape

The characteristics of the Auwald, tree population, clearing, horizontality and ecology, act as referee for the design of the pedestrian and bicycle bridge „Auensteg“ located within the Freisinger Aue


The corteen steel bridge follows a zigzag course between the trunks moving through the nature reserve of the Isar river. In this manner all trees deserving protection are sustained generating the individual and characteristical design of the bridge. In analogy to natural tree-branches a change of direction is always combined with a branching point. Supporting branches, stairs and ramps are elements attached to this framework. Following this principle all existing pathes are connected both by comfortable ramps and abbreviatory stairs.

SITE: Munich, Germany
YEAR: 2013
STATUS: Winning Project
DESIGN: Klaus K. Loenhart, Christoph Mayr
ENGENEERING: & Structures, Oliver Englhardt and Bergmeister Engineers, Josef Taverner