garden pavilion bad tölz

Inspired by prosperity and processes of growths of a privat garden the concept of the pavilion is metaphorically based on the principles of cellular growths and the phenomenology of seeing.

badtölz site photo
badtölz concept drawing
badtölz concept drawing
badtölz atmosphere
badtölz site photo
badtölz site photo
badtölz atmosphere
bad tölz

The rotationally symmetric form and the large openings correspond entirely to a traditional garden pavilion. A basic module mirrored thrice – a large leaf door including side panels – composes a three dimensional figure similar to an enlarged node merging and regulating internal and external views. Initially the structure is non-directional, completely identical to all three sides. Due to this open configuration many different utilisations are possible. The client determines the fuction of the three spacial extensions by choosing furniture, technical facilities and actual use. All variaties of the pavilion are registered under the protection of utility models.

typology: small, removable garden pavilion as an office for a journalist
floor space: 12,5 qm
construction: thermal insulated wood panels with aluminium cladding
construction costs: on demand

SITE: Bad Tölz, Germany 
YEAR: 2004
CLIENT: Ralph Eder
DESIGN: terrain: loenhart & mayr BDA Architects and Landscape Architects