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development of a temporally dynamic concept

Winning Competition Scheme: Urban Developmental Project and Landscape Concept

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cultivated fields

Morphology describes the transport of cultural contents of consciousness, which find their expression repeatedly in various but similar natures. In our opinion a specific pattern reveals itself with closer examination of the existing settlement structures in Feldmoching as an expression of historical settlement expansion in the interwar or post-war years. The long and narrow parcels of land originally adjoining the back of farmhouses were released for building purposes successively. In this manner a closely built-up area was progressively developed. The nature of access structures and patterns of order, typical of former farmland, a gently undulating landscape, remaine recognisable till today, regarding the contemporary structures. Agricultural lands started to disappear in order to find increasingly expression in architectural structures becoming an urban space, a built-up landscape. Relations between urban and rural areas are moving increasingly to the fore. This project tries to overcome the exclusivity inherent in opposing understandings of city and “nature“.

Competition 1st Prize
Development of a temporally dynamic Concept
development area: 40,4 ha

SITE: Feldmoching, Munich, Germany
YEAR: 1996-1997
STATUS: Competition Entry – 1st Price
CLIENT: Planning Department, City of Munich
DESIGN: terrain: loenhart&mayr BDA Architects and Landscape Architects with Klaus Ammer Arch, Irene Burkhardt, Monika Schüller LArch and Bernd Bergemann, Friedrich Duhme, Oliver Engelmayer, Peter Hörauf, Hans Niedermair