climatecture - micro climates for macro change

The hybrid performance of climate, landscape and architecture. 


Climate and climate change determine not only our living conditions, but also our political, social, and built reality. In our world today, which is shaped by climate change and its impacts, CLIMATE is gaining new significance AS A DESIGN ELEMENT and an essential component of location in architecture.

Climate denotes the dynamic, seasonally recurring cycle of weather in a particular location. There are five climate zones within the global context: differentiated into tropical, subtropical, temperate, subpolar, and polar zones. Each of them is characterized by different climatic conditions and therefore different living conditions for plants, animals, and people.

Climate is the environmental factor that decisively shapes the landscape as well as the built environment and determines corresponding living habits and social practices. The climate change caused by human beings is already resulting today in a geographical shift in climate zones, which will therefore influence the natural and built environment as well as socio-spatial constellations around the world.