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After being awarded Best Pavilion by the Social Media Managers of EXPO Milan, the EXPO Sustainability Award and numerous further recognitions and awards, recently the Austrian Pavilion was recognized with the unique UNESCO CITY OF DESIGN AWARD - Grand Award - we are most grateful for this outstanding recognition!

breathe expo photo
breathe expo photo
breathe austria

More than 2.5 million visitors have visited and experienced our breathe pavilion. What a big pleasure to host an Austrian microclimate in Milan - breathing in - and breathing out ...

Austria‘s Expo Commissioner and former Vice-Chancellor Josef Pröll:

„The pavilion offers Expo visitors an oasis of calm that is unique on the Expo site. So many visitors are coming like we never expected. We are most satisfied with this cheerful response.“
„The Austria Pavilion was awarded gold by an international jury as the most impressive and best EXPO contribution in the design concept category.“

UNESCO City of Design Award - Grand Award / IDEA TOPS International Space Design Award — Main Award / Sustainable Architecture EXPO Milano 2015 - Gold Award Exhibition Design Pavilion / AIT Award 1st prize / 2015 SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER AWARD – EXPO 2015 / Towards a Sustainable Expo AWARD - Italian Environmental Agency - Leader in the category Design & Materials /
2015 BIE AWARD Gold - Bureau International des Expositions

The Austrian Pavilion WORLD EXPO Milan 2015

YEAR:  2014 – 15
SITE:  Milan, Italy
CLIENT: EXPO 2015 Austria
Austrian Pavilion EXPO Milan 2015
DESIGN: team.breathe.austria

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