arc du lac de geneve

Experiential take and panoramic reference to lake and city by an urban, through this bridge design


With the new pedestrian and bicycle bridge, located in proximity to Pont du Mont Blanc, the city of Geneva gains the opportunity to redefine the urban space on the shores of Lake Geneva. This project proposes to provide visitors with the experience of panoramic reference. The conceptual aim of this design is to complement public spaces on both shores within the area surrounding the crossing of river Rhone. At one of the most distinctive places in the city - a panoramic view opens towards the adjacent inner city and Lake Geneva - with a flight of steps right down to the water. The bridge besides its role of being a piece of infrastructure then becomes a public urban place in its own right.

SITE: Geneva, Switzerland
YEAR: 2012
STATUS: Competition Entry
CLIENT: Commune of Geneva
DESIGN: terrain: loenhart & mayr BDA Architects and Landscape Architects 
ENGENEERING: &Structures Oliver Englhardt