agritecture & landscape @triennale di milano


International symposium “Agritecture & Landscape”  addresses landscape, agriculture, architecture and urban life at the Triennale di Milano
Paysage, the Promotion and Development for Landscape Architecture and the Italian National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Curators have announced an international symposium and associated award scheme dedicated to landscape, agriculture, architecture and urban life.

It will be a real marathon in June 25TH 2015 – Agritecture & Landscape, which is being organised in collaboration with Triennale di Milano and with the sponsorship of Expo 2015, will take place on 25 June, at Triennale di Milano, the Expo venue in central Milan.
The event has been launched to provide an opportunity for valuable comparison, lively debate and wide dissemination of the most current topics related to Expo 2015in Milan, addressing the integration of agriculture and architecture, cities and rural areas, nature and architecture in urban areas, ‘with particular attention to biodiversity and nutritional requirements, with the participation of experts with different professions and nationalities’.